Hypnotherapy Treatments

Hypnotherapy treatments are not like the most peoples idea of what hypnosis is. You might have watched a stage hypnotist “hypnotising” a group of people into running around barking like dogs.

Maybe you have been amused by the Little Britain character. You know the one “look into my eyes, not around the eyes”! Perhaps you are expecting me to dangle a pocket watch in front of your eyes whilst saying in a dramatic deep voice “sleep go to sleep”!!!

Hypnotherapy treatments are none of the above!

Hypnotherapy is a widely accepted, established and recognised treatment and is used for the alleviation and cure for many different problems such as stopping smoking, improving self-confidence, weight control, overcoming depression and so on.

Hypnosis is a state of deep mental and physical relaxation that you allow yourself to enter. You remain completely in control at all times and constantly aware of your environment.

The best way to describe hypnosis is to compare it to the drowsy state just before you fall asleep. In this relaxed state of being, you and your subconscious mind are very open to any suggestions made to you regarding the problem that you wish to release.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe, effective, soothing painless way of dealing with your problems…it’s like having your mind massaged!

After one session you will feel more confident, happier, less stressed, calmer and more positive. I promise that I won’t have you running around barking like a dog….unless, of course, you want me to!

Sessions are available on Skype or by Telephone

Hypnotherapy services are available for anybody Socially distancing


Sometimes people drink to forget a trauma or because they feel it gives them confidence “Drowning your sorrows”. Hypnotherapy treatments can help with alcoholism.

Anger Management

Anger can be a result of feeling frustrated, insulted, deceived, surpressed or even under attack and can affect relationships, work or confidence. Hypnotherapy can help manage anger.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Public Speaking

Self Hypnosis


Weight Control



Panic Attacks






Memory and Concentration



Sports Improvement


There are so many different ways a Qualified Hypnotherapist like me can help you if you don’t find your problem here just call and ask.

Stop Smoking sessions are £170 – All other sessions are £70

I look forward to meeting you soon.