Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the biggest collection of Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions in Bromley, Croydon and the South East!

90 Minute Session

£70 for a 90-minute session

Stop Smoking

£170 for a 2hr session to stop smoking.

Are you a qualified Hypnotherapist?

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist with 15 years experience and am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and carry full insurance.

Do you help children?

Yes, however an adult such as either parent should attend the sessions. This is a legal requirement.

Do you offer group hypnotherapy sessions?

Never. No two people are exactly the same. I mould each appointment to the individual.

Do you offer the hypnotic gastric band service?

Yes this can be one of the 5 weight loss hypnotherapy sessions.. It is possible under Hypnosis to install the gastric band in the mind which gives the client the feeling and belief that the stomach area appears to be smaller and will feel fuller sooner.

How many sessions will I need for anything that isnt smoking or weight loss?

This can vary according to the depth of the problem and each client will respond differently to hypnosis. For example I recently helped one client with a fear of dogs, within 3 sessions she was happily stroking and cuddling them like long lost friends whereas another lady overcame her phobia after just two appointments.

How many sessions will I need to lose weight?

I recommend 5 hypnotherapy sessions, once-a-week.

How many sessions will I need to stop smoking?

One two hour session is all you will require. This will cost £170.

I'm a bit of a controlling person. Will I be susceptable to hypnosis?

Yes most people can be relaxed. Remember that I do not control clients. The level of relaxtion is entirely down to the individual.

Is hypnotherapy suitable for everybody?

No. It is not suitable for anyone suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia or any other personality disorders.

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy session?

We will begin with a relaxing and informal chat about the problem you have during which I will make notes. Please note that confidentiality is assured at all times.

I will then explain in greater detail about how I will relax you then we will begin our first stage of hypnosis.

What is regression?

Regression is a very successful process of taking the sub-conscious mind back under hypnosis to discover the source and reason of a behaviour pattern. It is something that i offer subject to the client’s permission.

Sessions are available on Skype or by Telephone

Hypnotherapy services are available for anybody Socially distancing

Hypnotherapy Frquently Asked QuestionThere are so many different ways Hypnotherapy can help you.

If you don’t find your problem here in these Hypnotherapy frequently asked questions, please call and ask.

“I am very grateful to Cino. Before I met him my heart was in the right place but I was lost within myself. I was stuck behind so many walls, walls of hurt, walls of anger and despair.

Together we tackled so many issues, some I knew I had, many I did not! Before I met Cino I had problems with substance misuse, I smoked, I had road rage, I couldn’t hold down a job, maintain relationships and was very unhappy with myself and life.
Today I have three children, a happy relationship, I don’t smoke or use drugs, I hold a clean licence and drive calmly and with care…the icing on the cake i am now studying to be a nurse.
I would recommend Cino to anyone, no matter what the problem is, large or small. If you yearn for a change you can do it and he can help”.