Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks or Panic Disorder

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks is very effective. In order to understand how panic attacks can be treated with Hypnotherapy, let’s first look at what Panic Attacks are and the different types.

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Am i suffering from panic disorder?

Panic is a normal response to stressful situations and all of us at some time in our lives have experienced this feeling. However, there is a big difference between panicking and suffering from panic attacks or as it’s also known panic disorder.

There are many situations that can make us feel stressed, for example you’re running late for an appointment and you can’t find your car keys or your front door keys and you think you have lost them, in this instance we don’t know what to do because we aren’t thinking clearly and feeling flustered.

Then, most times we find the keys have fallen down the back of a sofa or been moved by our partner! Problem solved. Once they have been found it’s “panic over”!

But imagine that this extreme panicky feeling happens for no reason or with no logical trigger, this isn’t just momentary panic this is actually a full blown panic attack and this can be quite frightening because you feel out of control.
Without a particular cause it is very difficult to emerge from this panicky feeling which then leads to feelings of anxiety that another attack could happen. What happens then is that you then develop a fear of the fear of having another one which invariably does bring on another one.

If you are suffering from panic attacks regularly this is a certain sign of panic disorder ie anxiety.

How do i know if i’m having an attack? What are the symptoms?

The most common symptom of a panic attack is a racing or fluttering heartbeat.

Other symptoms include:

  • Beginning to sweat at the nape of the neck or in the palms of the hands.
  • Shakey legs.
  • Feeling lightheaded, dizziness or like you are about to faint.
  • Tightness in the chest.
  • Pain in the stomach area.
  • Feeling nauseous.
  • Feeling disconnected from your own body.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Not being able to swallow or experiencing a choking sensation.

If you have never previously experienced these unexpected sensations they can be quite frightening because you may feel that you are about to faint or even have a heart attack which can leave you feeling very shaken up.

However, please note that a panic will not actually cause you physical harm nor will they last forever, usually a panic attack lasts for just a short time although when you are in the middle of one it may seem like it will never end.

What is the difference between a panic attack and panic disorder?

Very simply it’s the regularity of the attacks.

If you are suffering from recurring attacks for no logical reason that you aware of then it is more than likely that you are suffering panic disorder.

This is a form of anxiety and much like other anxiety disorders, panic is a normal fear response and one that controls our minds.

It could be that your panic disorder is a result of another phobia such as agoraphobia.

Panic disorder can become very draining. As said earlier people who have regular panic attacks begin to live in constant fear of when the next attack will occur which leads to extreme anxiety.

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How can Hypnotherapy treat panic disorders?

By helping you manage your panic attacks through hypnosis assisting you to show the attacks that you are the boss and that you decide what behaviour is acceptable.

Accessing the sub conscious mind and getting it to treat and understand the reason for the phobia and then overcoming it. By helping you relax, de-stress and making you feel safe again.

Remember panic attacks are a very natural response to fear or stress that have become out of control, Hypnotherapy can help you regain control.

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