Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Using Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be incredibly cost-effective, and easier to deal with.

When spring is in the air, the clocks will go back, and you’re beginning to anticipate a beach holiday. Or enjoying wearing lighter and brighter clothes.

You’ve looked in the mirror and realised that perhaps there is more of you than you would like to see and that perhaps you may need to go a size up rather than attempt to squeeze into last year’s wardrobe!

You know that you have to lose some weight if not from the visual aspect but also for the sake of your health.

What’s the answer? A diet? That word alone may fill you with dread because it may put thoughts of deprivation of your favourite foods. However, there is a better way.


Hypnosis can help you change your relationship with food. Hypnosis can help you regain control over what you eat because it will assist you to have a better mindset and relationship with food.

Gaining confidence with weight loss

By using Hypnotherapy for weight loss, I can help you towards regaining confidence in both mind and body. Because I will help you to make the changes you want and need to create and install a solid positive attitude into your subconscious.

It’s is similar to a computer program, where I help delete old, outdated files and upload new ones.

Being successful with weight management means more than going on a diet. It’s about your mindset.

Most of us have tried diets at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we find success with one of them. However, after a while, we start putting back the pounds that we have lost.

Why is this? Because the subconscious has not been involved, the psychological reasons for gaining weight have not been addressed.

There can be many reasons for gaining weight, for example, comfort eating.

Why do people comfort eat?

This is one of the most common reasons.

The link between food and comfort begins in childhood and at times of stress and anxiety.

It’s almost a form of thumb-sucking. Because we can find ourselves seeking reassurance from sweet foods such as cake or chocolate.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

During the lockdowns, many of us have used food for comfort because it became a way to cope with those times when we felt low, anxious or stressed and eating was our way of coping.

There can be so many reasons. For example, boredom leads to mindless snacking and issues with a lack of self-control.

The NHS has plenty of tips to help with Weight Loss and health, but still deals with countless health issues caused by obesity.

To assist with any of the reasons, whatever they are, we need to understand what role food plays in our lives and how, with Hypnotherapy.

We can replace this desire with healthier thoughts and habits and, where need be, motivate you to exercise and help you to get back in the control seat rather than have the food controlling you.

You be the healthier, happier and more confident person you want to be. What do you do now? Get in touch…

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