Hypnotherapy for Anger Management

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management can be extremely effective. Let me explain.

Feeling angry is quite normal. All of us have a tendency to feel angry sometimes and happiness, sadness, and feeling low. These are just some of the many emotions that make us human.

However, sometimes it can seem like our anger has become out of control which leads to outbursts or a kind of simmering feeling like we are about to come to a boil like a kettle or it can be a combination of the two.

Some of us tend to literally instantly explode with anger. Whereas some of us take a while before finally one little upset on top of a series of upsets proves too much leading to a massive outburst.

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management can help.

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What can cause anger?

All of us have different triggers for feeling angry. Because we can become angry when we feel threatened, ignored, suppressed or frustrated. Also when we feel powerless and not in control of situations.

Anger can often originate from feeling fearful, anger can be a mask for fear.

Does this sound familiar?

Whilst driving, another driver cuts you up when you know you are in the right. Our fear is that it could have led to an accident and this turns to rage in a split second.

Feeling angry is a coping mechanism, transferring anxiety and fear into emotions. Because that then makes us feel more in control of whatever has happened.

Shouting at the other driver is a release of our anger. A form of Anger Management.

Suppression is another cause of anger. Because if someone has spent a lifetime being told not to do this at school or at work or told to shut up by parents eventually that person will eventually suffer extreme anxiety and frustration at the injustice of not being heard.

Stress can make us feel angry.

Hypnotherapy for Anger ManagementWe all have our breaking point if stressful events or situations mount up. Because there comes a point when its a case of enough is enough!

The COVID-19 Lockdowns of 2020 to 2022 are prime examples of this.

The basic things that we took for granted in our lives were taken from all of us. Activities that would lower stress levels like exercise, socialising, holidays, and meeting family all stopped.

Visiting friends was no longer an option and we were ordered to stay indoors. Because of the negative hypnosis from mainstream media, fear was created leading to stress leading to anger or frustration

When stress levels are high, a vicious circle of negativity, anxiety and lack of sleep leads to irritability.

All the emotions usually associated with stress such as low moods, feeling overwhelmed, anxious or frustrated can trigger anger.

This is where Hypnotherapy for Anger Management can be beneficial.

When does anger become a problem?

As mentioned, feeling angry is a normal emotion because it can have it’s benefits. For example, in a work situation where someone is being blamed for someone else’s lack of ability. Anger can help deal with this injustice.

Furthermore, suppressing strong emotions can be even worse for someone’s mental health without some form of outlet.

However, anger can lead to unhelpful behaviours that can put us and others at risk. Because anger and being aggressive tend not to be the same thing.

Physical violence (Not just to others but also ourselves) shouting and swearing are not acceptable ways of expressing anger.

Aggression can also turn into self hatred leading to self harming or aggression such as hitting walls out of frustration.

Anger clearly isn’t beneficial for our general health. Because high stress levels can increase heart rates leading to heart problems, high blood pressure or migraines. If anger is becoming the strongest emotion we can begin to feel out of control.

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management can avoid big problems and is a great solution for those seeking help.

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management can help.

If you would like help with Anger Management then please get in touch.

Hypnotherapy for Anger management can help you.

By helping you to relax, be calm and to see a different future without outbursts. Hypnotherapy can give you ways of controlling your temper and helping you to manage your stress and anxiety.

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