Cino has a very calm and reassuring personality and Hypnotherapy has helped me become more confident and relaxed which enabled me to deal with the anxiety and stress I had. I would highly recommend him

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Anxiety treated with HypnotherapyLiz D.

I was very cceptical about Hypnotherapy at first but desperate for help. Not cured entirely but i am coping much better with my problem.

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Sceptical about HypnotherapyPam B

Stopped me smoking forty a day! A top bloke well worth the time and money.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Quit Smoking with HypnosisPerry W

I saw Cino for depression after losing my wife to cancer. After a very thorough consultation Cino put together a course of sessions to help me with my loss.

I felt better after my first session. He is a very caring and insightful person.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnosis for DepressionMino V

A life changing experience. A time to consider, reflect and lose weight

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Weight Loss with HypnotherapyHilary P

After 7 years suffering from panic attacks, i found the right therapy that has cured me.

Hypnotherapy has made me more relaxed, more confident and able to live a “normal life” as I can now travel on public transport, eat out in restaurants and go shopping.

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Hypnotherapy for Panic AttacksSonia H

I saw Cino for five sessions. I found him to be a great guy, friendly, approachable and professional. The sessions for depression and anxiety really worked. I came away feeling on top of the world. I would recommend Cino and will be returning should life’s stress and strain start getting to me!

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnotherapy for DepressionRichard M

“I visted Cino on the recommendation of my brother who he treated successfully for depression. I suffered from Bruxism(grinding teeth/clenching jaw)which was causing me deferred neck pain.

I instantly felt comfortable with Cino who explained in detail what he could do for me. Following a thorough consultation with him he also said he could help with my sleeping which was poor at the time.

I now no longer clench or grind my teeth, the neck pain has gone and the massive bonus is I am sleeping much better. I am very grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Cino!”

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnosis for Grinding TeethM.G.

I first met Cino ten years ago when i was desperate to stop smoking and didn’t know where to turn. Cino made me feel at ease and in a safe pair of hands. After the session i threw away the remaining cigarettes in the packet and haven’t look back since.

Since then i have sought Cino’s help with weight problems and other issues and the result is always that i feel able to move forward with a new confidence and energy. It’s great to know that there is someone who can help you overcome your problems who is non-judgemental and makes you feel like a friend.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Stopped Smoking with HypnosisS.E.

Such spectacular results with my diabetes through hypnosis! Because after one session with Cino I had no wish to eat those sweets and extras i should not indulge myself with.

Furthermore, after 2 weeks of watching my blood sugar drop to normal levels and taking less insulin, I no longer needed insulin with meals. Also after 4 weeks i have lost 12 pounds. I feel so much more fitter with loads more energy. Thank you

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Hypnosis for Diabetes and DietCarol S