Back in December 2018, exactly a week before Christmas Day I saw Cino to help me Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy. This is something I had never done before and I was pretty sceptical about it.

I was also a little nervous about what to expect from hypnosis. I was smoking about 20 a day and it seemed to be getting more and more as time went on. I kept suffering from awful chest infections which used to scare me but never made me stop.

Cino is someone who makes you feel completely comfortable as soon as you meet him, which to me is a very important factor in this type of therapy.

While the Hypnotherapy was taking place I was aware of where I was and who was talking to me although my body and face felt very heavy and completely relaxed. After it had all finished the first thing I did was break the cigarettes that I had left and thrown them all away.

It’s now 20th January 2020 and I am still not smoking. Thank you.