Back in December 2018, exactly a week before Christmas Day I saw Cino to help me Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy. This is something I had never done before and I was pretty sceptical about it.

I was also a little nervous about what to expect from hypnosis. I was smoking about 20 a day and it seemed to be getting more and more as time went on. I kept suffering from awful chest infections which used to scare me but never made me stop.

Cino is someone who makes you feel completely comfortable as soon as you meet him, which to me is a very important factor in this type of therapy.

While the Hypnotherapy was taking place I was aware of where I was and who was talking to me although my body and face felt very heavy and completely relaxed. After it had all finished the first thing I did was break the cigarettes that I had left and thrown them all away.

It’s now 20th January 2020 and I am still not smoking. Thank you.

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Stop Smoking with HypnotherapyKaren S

Cino has a very calm and reassuring personality and Hypnotherapy has helped me become more confident and relaxed which enabled me to deal with the anxiety and stress I had. I would highly recommend him

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Anxiety treated with HypnotherapyLiz D.

I was very cceptical about Hypnotherapy at first but desperate for help. Not cured entirely but i am coping much better with my problem.

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Sceptical about HypnotherapyPam B

Stopped me smoking forty a day! A top bloke well worth the time and money.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Quit Smoking with HypnosisPerry W

I saw Cino for depression after losing my wife to cancer. After a very thorough consultation Cino put together a course of sessions to help me with my loss.

I felt better after my first session. He is a very caring and insightful person.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnosis for DepressionMino V

A life changing experience. A time to consider, reflect and lose weight

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Weight Loss with HypnotherapyHilary P

After 7 years suffering from panic attacks, i found the right therapy that has cured me.

Hypnotherapy has made me more relaxed, more confident and able to live a “normal life” as I can now travel on public transport, eat out in restaurants and go shopping.

Hypnotherapist in Croydon - Review
Hypnotherapy for Panic AttacksSonia H

I saw Cino for five sessions. I found him to be a great guy, friendly, approachable and professional. The sessions for depression and anxiety really worked. I came away feeling on top of the world. I would recommend Cino and will be returning should life’s stress and strain start getting to me!

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnotherapy for DepressionRichard M

“I visted Cino on the recommendation of my brother who he treated successfully for depression. I suffered from Bruxism(grinding teeth/clenching jaw)which was causing me deferred neck pain.

I instantly felt comfortable with Cino who explained in detail what he could do for me. Following a thorough consultation with him he also said he could help with my sleeping which was poor at the time.

I now no longer clench or grind my teeth, the neck pain has gone and the massive bonus is I am sleeping much better. I am very grateful to him and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Cino!”

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Hypnosis for Grinding TeethM.G.

I first met Cino ten years ago when i was desperate to stop smoking and didn’t know where to turn. Cino made me feel at ease and in a safe pair of hands. After the session i threw away the remaining cigarettes in the packet and haven’t look back since.

Since then i have sought Cino’s help with weight problems and other issues and the result is always that i feel able to move forward with a new confidence and energy. It’s great to know that there is someone who can help you overcome your problems who is non-judgemental and makes you feel like a friend.

Hypnotherapist in Bromley - Review
Stopped Smoking with HypnosisS.E.